I have never been good at these introductory posts.

Throughout my life, I have started countless blogs in an effort to get my thoughts down in print. One thing that has always stumped me is these introductory posts to start a blog off – to me, they have always seemed slightly narcissistic, incredibly challenging, and ultimately lacking in purpose.

However, if I haven’t written an introduction, I feel as though my words from hereon in have no validation. Because of this, I’ll attempt yet another introduction post, and hopefully after this one, I will never have to do another introductory WordPress post again – I can dream, after all.

Born with a spontaneous nature and a desire to act quickly and on impulse, I have always been one who marches to the beat of my own drum and does what I say I will do. I never settle for second-best or for being content with where I am – I always need to go, go, and go some more.

I originally grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, where I was initially fond of the greenery and quaintness of my city, but quickly grew dissatisfied. After 14 years of living in a city with one-tenth of the population of my hometown, I decided to chase something bigger and hopped over to Sydney, where I attend the University of Sydney.

I currently work in digital marketing, and my true love lies in communicating. From a young age, I could not shut up – my parents said I could strike up a conversation with anyone about anything – and that has continued on to my life today. I speak at a million miles a minute and think even faster than that.

I am a melting pot of contradictions and a swimming pool of adjectives, superlatives, and sarcasm. I have ambitions the size of Jupiter and an unrelenting attitude to everything I do. I leap, and run, and am not afraid to make an absolute fool of myself in public. I believe in taking charge of your life, and not being a victim of your circumstance. I believe in love, laughter, and life.

Some find me intimidating, some think I’m naive and a dreamer, and some find me downright crazy, but honestly – I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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